Authenticate Your Autographed Items Now

Authenticate Your Autographed Items Now

Protect your collection of autographed memorabilia with AMA Quick Authentication Services. Our team of professionals includes experts from around the world who specialize in autograph authentication. We use the most extensive autograph exemplar database in the world to provide you with professional research and validation, increasing the value of your signed memorabilia.

Simply send us a large, good-quality image of your item and any relevant information you may have, such as where and when it was signed or a copy of the original Certificate of Authenticity, to Once we receive your inquiry, we'll respond with the details of our authentication process. If your item is deemed genuine, we'll issue a Certificate of Authenticity that includes a unique alphanumeric number for your item, which can be used to verify the authenticity of your item on our website. You'll receive the COA in the mail within 7 business days, and your item will be added to the AMA fast-growing database.

Our Authentication for 1 autograph on one item: Starting at $45.00

  • Authentication for 2 or more autographs on a single item: Starting at $65.00
  • Note that we offer discounts for multiple authentications and collections. Please contact us to inquire.

With AMA Quick Authentication Services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your collectibles are authentic. Authenticate your autographed items now and join our community of collectors who value genuine and authentic memorabilia.

We choose to use Lockeroom Collections Signature Verification Serviceto Authenticate, Log, and Supply us with the accompanied Certificate of Authenticity. All clients selling through A.M.A. Must also have had their item verification through a Reputable Signature Verification service and a certificate attached.